Safari Information

General Information for Hunting in South Africa

Safari Information

We will send you an invitation letter which also serves as a contractual agreement between you and Pronk Hunting Safaris. The letter will contain important information like the pre-agreed daily rates, prices of animals included in your hunting package and the terms and conditions. This letter is also required for importing your rifle(s) into South Africa.

Upon arrival, you will be required to sign an indemnity form. This is a necessary formality but we will ensure your safety at all times.

Safari Information

A temporary firearm import permit application (SAP520) is required to import your rifle(s) into South Africa. Please complete the application in advance, but do not sign it. The application form needs to be signed only once processed by the police official. You will need the following documentation:

  • Valid passport with at least two blank pages
  • Your return airline ticket
  • Your invitation letter from Pronk Hunting Safaris
  • SAP520 form, unsigned and completed in black ink
  • Proof of export from country of origin (CBP Form 4457)
  • Letter of motivation why you wish to import the rifle(s) into South Africa
  • Only one firearm per caliber is allowed per person
  • Ammunition is to be packed in a separate container, which has to be locked and marked with details
  • In total 11 pounds , not more than 200 rounds, is allowed per hunter. 40-60 rounds per rifle is sufficient
  • No person under 21 years may bring a firearm in under their own name
Safari Information

The perfect calibre(s) for an African Hunting Safari is very debatable and always end in a heated discussion. In general, a .30 calibre or 300 Win Mag for plains game is a good choice. For dangerous game the legal minimum calibre is .375. But it is very important to use the rifle(s) that you are most comfortable with.

Spend some time on the range before flying over to make sure that your equipment is sound. We also sight-in the rifles before we start the hunt.

Safari Information

We hunt throughout the year but in general the winter times are better, from late April to end August. The days are cooler and the bush makes for good hunting conditions.

For some of our exotic species like Fallow Deer, we usually prefer hunting them earlier in the year from mid-January to end-April. Sheep hunting is done throughout the year including some of the bigger deer species.

Safari Information

We do all the skinning and field preparation of your trophies where we hunt and make sure that it is in perfect condition for the taxidermist. We do not do any taxidermy work ourselves, but we do work closely with one of our partners. Trophies can be exported raw or mounted from South Africa, but regulations and procedures might vary depending on the animal hunted. Some important information:

  • Only one client per crate
  • Trophies must remain in South Africa for a minimum of 90 days before shipping
  • Warthogs can cause a delay in shipping if the state veterinarian of the area is not available to issue transport permits and must be packed in a separate crate
  • Shipping costs can only be finalized by the time trophies are dropped off
  • Payment of a deposit to the taxidermist will ensure that your work goes on the production line
  • Raw and processed products can not be shipped together
Safari Information

Pronk Hunting Safaris highly recommend that you take out travel insurance for the duration of your hunting safari.

Safari Information

The following list is just a general guideline of what you need to bring along on the Safari. There is a daily laundry service at each of our camps.

  • 1 x pair of good walking boots
  • 1 x pair of comfortable camp shoes
  • 4 x pairs of good socks
  • 4 x sets of underwear
  • 3 x pairs of long hunting pants (Dark Khaki or Olive Green)
  • 2 x pairs of short hunting pants (Early hunts –Mar – Apr, Sept - Oct)
  • 4 x hunting shirts (Dark Khaki or Olive Green)
  • 1 x hunting jacket (Dark Khaki or Olive Green)
  • 1 x warm sweater or jumper
  • 1 x pair of gloves
  • 1 x raincoat or waterproof jacket
  • Casual wear for the evenings
  • Cap or Hat
  • Binoculars
  • Camera(s)
  • USB flash drive or SD card for copying pictures
  • Flashlight
  • Sunglasses & sun block SPF 30
  • Small backpack for daily equipment while hunting (e.g. cameras, extra ammo)
  • Rifle with Sufficient Ammunition
  • Chap stick or lip balm
  • International plug set - conversion to South Africa 220 V
  • Insect repellant - Tick repellent preferably containing DEET
  • Spare batteries if required
  • Rifle cleaning kit, regular wipe down set
  • Prescription drugs if required
  • Toiletries
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