Hunting Watusi

Hunting Watusi In South Africa

About the Species

The Ankole is a breed or group of breeds of African cattle, belonging to the broad Sanga cattle grouping of African breeds.It was probably introduced to Uganda between five and seven hundred years ago by nomadic pastoralists from more northerly parts of the continent. It is distributed in much of eastern and central Africa, particularly in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and parts of Tanzania.There are at least five distinct regional strains, some of which may be reported as breeds in their own right.

About the Hunt

Wild Watusi is considered to be quite dangerous to hunt. It can be extremely aggressive, especially at a wounding. With a accurate shot, a caliber .375 riffle will be appropriate for shooting Watusi.


The wild Asian buffalo eats grass and leafy aquatic vegetation. It is mainly a grazer, feeding in the morning and evenings and lying up in dense cover or submerging in wallows during midday.

Shoulder Height:  70 inches

Weight:  1322 pounds

Horn Length:  Thick basis and wide

Hunting Watusi In South Africa
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