Hunting Waterbuck

Hunting Waterbuck In South Africa

About the Species

The waterbuck is of a robust build. The shaggy coat is reddish-brown to grey, and becomes progressively darker with age. Males are darker than females. Waterbuck are characterized by a long neck and short, strong and black legs.

About the Hunt

An old Waterbuck bull is without a doubt one of the most cunning trophies to hunt. Very alert with a keen sense of smell and super eyesight. Judging the trophy quality of a Waterbuck can be very difficult at times, especially lone bulls. Always keep in mind, a thick heavy darkened neck is the first sign of maturity.


Waterbuck inhabit scrub and savanna areas alongside rivers, lakes and valleys, but normally avoids riverine forests.

Shoulder Height:  52 inches

Weight:  550 pounds

Horn Length:  28 inches

Hunting WaterbuckIn South Africa
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