Hunting Red Hartebeest

Hunting Red Hartebeest In South Africa

About the Species

It has a particularly elongated forehead and oddly shaped horns, short neck, and pointed ears. Its legs, which often have black markings, are unusually long. Both sexes of all subspecies have horns, with those of females being more slender. They are very alert and non-aggressive.

About the Hunt

One of the fastest plains game species found in Southern Africa. When judging the trophy quality of Hartebeest, its important to look at the size of the boss and the gap between the bosses. Often the bosses will be grown closed making skinning very difficult.


Hartebeest inhabits dry savannas, open plains and wooded grasslands, often moving into more arid places after rainfall. They are more tolerant of wooded areas than other Alcelaphini, and are often found on the edge of woodlands.

Shoulder Height:  48 inches

Weight:  350 pounds

Horn Length:  23 inches

Hunting Red HartebeestIn South Africa
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